Marlon Brando turned Injun

All of us who have turned Injun know.   Know another whose done the same.    I now realize today about Marlon.

March 15, 1972 I found myself exiting a black limo in front of a movie theater in New York City.   I was dressed to the hilt.  There were three other people who exited with me onto that red carpet.    Jim Thomas, my husband.   A full blood Tlingit Indian from Yakutat, Alaska.   Bob Jim, also a full blood of the Yakama Indian  Nation of Washington State.   Chairman of his People.   And Doug Smith, my husband's best friend from college.

The four of us were there at the request of Marlon Brando.   He wanted us there at the premeire for The Godfather movie to draw attention to the firm industry's poor portrayal of Native American issues.

Today, as I write this, so aware of a simple thing.   Marlon had turned Injun over the years.    Why his acts were condemned so loudly.    We hate it when one of our own leaves us for the enemy we have harmed.   

I turned Injun as a young child of 7 or 8.  Right here in Holland, Michigan.   (The very same town that  Betsy DeVos and Erik Prince identify as their home town too.)  When I mind-melded with that young Indian woman who was shot and bled to death.   

For the Land we as a People wanted so badly.

In killing The Indian Cultures, we killed the very wisdom we needed to create a healthy society with this very Land.

Why we are not really healthy for all the wealth and power we have.   What do we need to do to regain health for our children to the Seventh Generation?

Posted by Annie Olson on June 18, 2017.