My new website

I’m as shy as the snails that make seashells. So the art I create of clay and the thoughts I express with words are really ME coming out of my shell.

In 2004 I had worked with a gentleman to build a beautiful website. But this was his first time to construct a site for someone. And also a brand new experience for me. It was lovely. But the one thing I realized as people ordered; I can’t make cookie cutter animals.
It was painful for me when an order came in and I had to make art on demand. So last year I had to “kill” the old site so a new site could be brought to life in its place.

As you are seeing right now, the site is full of holes. I have lots of text I’m working on to insert and many animals aching to get out of their cages.

I love the feel of polymer clay! I love to form animals of this clay! So I look forward to populating my site. But I need to create the site as I create my art. Without putting UNDO pressure on myself. I just got back from strolling through the Tulip Time art fair here in Holland and one of the artist and I shared together. She does beautiful calligraphy of quotes. She too, needing to not put UNDO pressure on herself to produce. Nice for like minded people to meet each other.

What follows are my thoughts on what I hope my site does. So try to imagine with me what I’m building; a website that is a kind of museam (a place to muse) with the store and education departments all mixed together. When you click on an animal, there will be pictures of the very art that’s for sale. But along with each one will be text of my relationship with that animal and science data. It is my hope that as you go through my site, you will have fun, laugh at times, relax if you’re stressed, moved, educated a bit, and maybe find a piece you will want to “adopt”.

What I hope to do is create kits for most of my animals. That to me is what I most look forward to. To pass on what I’ve learned and what others have taught me.

Posted by Annie Olson on May 03, 2009.