Chance meeting of two Alaskans Feb.11, 2014

I didn't want to go.   I've got so many things that need doing.   But Phil likes me to come along when he picks up food for the Saturday breakfast we do.  So I went along and when we got to Hungry For Christ, I went into the office because the warehouse is cold.

I got myself a cup of coffee and sat down.  And in blows Carla with some Monkey Bread someone had made for the volunteers.  She invited me to have a piece and we did introductions.  Small talk.  Then I said I'd escaped from Holland over fifty years ago.    She asked where to.  And I said Alaska.

Surprise, surprise.  For us both.   She and her husband had lived in Fairbanks, Alaska for four years back in the eighties I think.   So cool for the two of us to meet!  Figuretivly, of course!

For the next 15 minutes we shared about this state we both love.

Hungry For Christ is a food distribution place we come to get donated food to prepare and serve at our Sat. breakfast.   Pancakes R Us is what we call ourselves.  So I told her to go to my musings and I'd write about our fun meeting.

So Hi Carla...............have a good day and look forward to talking more.



Posted by Annie Olson on February 11, 2014.