Cobra Consciousness Feb. 11,2014

cobra, clay sculpture, sculpture, polymer clayPhil and I have a routine that we follow each morning.   As I suspect most couples have.  Since we're "retired" now, we usually get up about 7 each morning.   Except for Sat. which is a painful 6 am.   Wait until you're in your 70''ll understand.

We turn on the coffee maker; Phil goes upstairs to check email; I go and get the paper.  There's the teeth brushing etc. and then we meet at the kitchen table to have coffee and read the paper.

I need to confess that we don't read our prayers until we're done with the paper.  We're working on that.   I'll keep you informed of how we're doing.   

First we read the news and I check the obits.   I grew up here in Holland and being 70 I know that is a part of this season of my life.  

Then we get the comic section out which holds the Suduko and Crossword Puzzle.  There's also the cryptoquote which we don't do.  We aren't good at it but I LOVE quote so I always read it before we go on.

Today I read these words.    "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."   Maya Angelou

That is me!

I know what needs to be said.   I can write the physical words but the thoughts of my soul don't flow as easily.   I think that is what Maya was getting at.

So can you understand how painful it was for me to type words on the srceen that I realized were soul thoughts.  And then lose them!

Yes, I just saved these words.

Got to go and check on  my Mom.   Be right back.  Oh, she just moved into the other chair.

This is the 11th of Feb.  I put mt art into the store on the first of Feb.  I came home from Jo's home to show her my art.  It was Monday Jan. 27.   I went into the file I keep all the writing in that I did 20 years ago.   Precious to me!   I got the folder out for the poem Cobra Consciousness.   I hadn't looked at the file since I wrote it 21 years ago!

At the top were these words.   as I sculpt the cobra, I am being sculpted.............something like that but better!

I remember thinking, this is real important!   This physical file.   I can't lose it!  

I took it with me and read that to Jo.   Showed her the cobra of clay.   And came home.  The snow was starting.   It got real bad!  I remember thinking when I came home to use the poem and cobra to explain the animals I make.   About being sculpted by that which I sculpt.  I looked forward to doing this.   But this big snow event hit.   What hit Atlanta.   So it wasn't until the weekend I realized I'd misplaced the file and a lot of other items along with it.

I've searched high and low!  All over the place.   I've found a lot of other things. 

Just think about it with me!   I loss the very thing I was so afraid to lose.

I don't write this alone.   There is my muse too.  My inner being.   All who write, or compose music or paint.   Or any other creative activity know what I'm talking about.  This isn't new for me.   Something I'm very aware of.   But very hard at times.   Asking my inner muse, what is this all about?

Now does it make a bit more sense why losing the text I was trying to enter on lose itself of this file was so infuriating for me!

I'll close here and now write about the poem itself without the pain of this lose.









Posted by Annie Olson on February 11, 2014.