Annie's Mernagerie----King Cobra

Quote on Miniature Art I found January 9,2014 written by Marty Munson 1992 for Miniature Artists of San Fransisco

"The range is impressive, but on closer inspection the winners are always the same.....they hold up under the harsh eye of the magnifying glass; they bridge the paradox of being balanced but dynamic; the use of size not as a restriction but as an intimate area for experiment.....they have spirit...they go beyond the visual facts to show you the significance of the subject."

Exhibition judge commenting about miniature art.  On the website of   Wes & Rachelle Siegrist   

It's an odd animal for me to pick as my representative for the wildlife creations I find myself birthing of polymer clay.   But I didn't choose the King Cobra on purpose.   The poem Cobra Consciousness decided that for me.

Posted by Annie Olson on February 12, 2014.