Guiltless Shell story Last day of the show 2001

This is Saturday March 8, 2014.   The last day of the Shell Fair on Sanibel Island.

I'm sitting here in our garden/reading room looking northwest.   It's sunny out.  About 35 degrees.   We went downtown for a cup of coffee and hot chocolate.   My Mom is sitting on the couch a few feet away reading a book about the secret life of elephants.  We're going to get a pizza in a little while.

Oh, how I wish I were there!

I hope you have enjoyed this flight with me.   The story of how the shells came into being.   What they mean to me.   And these past three days have been a riot.

We all hear the concept of having a bucket list.  And I mentioned that before.   Now maybe it really makes sense to you.   After being here with me, like a feather on my shoulder.

Most things on a bucket list we won't do and ones we'll experience, we never would have considered.   Like today for all of us who serve a great breakfast at the Seminary would say this.  We never would have thought it would be one of the highlights of our lives as a group.

It was a Sunday.   The show went for 4 days back then.   It was warm.  And we all were so relaxed with each other.   Knowing we wouldn't see each other again until next year.

It began to get dark in the early afternoon and we knew a storm was brewing.   And we also knew we'd have to pack up our exhibits and carry them across the street to the parking lot in the rain.

I will never forget what it was like for me!

If you saw me, you'd see a slender "white" woman, brown hair, fifty-ish.  Acting like a five year old!

Remember when I began the story, telling you how my relationship with shells began right here.   Well, life has come full circle!   I'm five years old again!

I packed up all my stuff and began to haul it to my mini van .  That van I didn't want to drive.    And I remember the puddle of mud!   Blue Mud!

You haven't lived until you've been able to splash with your bare feety in a Blue Mud Puddle!

The calcium carbonate of the pulverized shells that compose the soil of Sanibel create this lovely mud!

There's a movie I love.   People Will Talk.  Cary Grant and Jean Simmons.  One scene has Cary Grant, Walter Slazk and upstairs.  With model train sets all over the floor.   The three grown men in their 40's and 50's and 60's are running their respective trains from different bedrooms.   Each has a different beep beep.   And they get mixed up and the three trains into each other in the hallway.   And the argument that ensues is hilarious!   Three young boys in the bodies of older men!   And Jean Simmons remark to Cary Grant, her movie husband.   In tears she says,   "You're only 8 years old".

Well, that's what my friends all said to me that day.   Watching me get soaked and enjoying every minute of it!   Creating these shells, being allowed in the show, making so many good friends and experiencing four days of magic.   That is what they were seeing!

I'd come full circle.   I really was 5 years old!







Posted by Annie Olson on March 08, 2014.