The Hatchery

Last night I had a dream. In my dream I found myself with a statement that expresses the continuum between art forms.

The sculptures I create of clay are three dimensional paintings as paintings of oil are two dimensional sculptures.

I’ve been trying and trying to write about all the animals I gently pull forth from my clay.

Yes, The Clay! I call It My Clay! Knowing though that millions of people all over the world enjoy this clay I call mine.

That's how it is! The canvas and oils become very personal for the painter. The brushes too. Favorites. Same with me. Favorite tools. Favorite board. Colors I like. Certain tensile strength for the clay for each animal. Stiffer for some, softer for others.

Could it be I need to write about them all at the same time?

I love order. So the sense of having a page for each animal appealed to me. First an egg of clay, then the text and then the finished animal that had hatched from the egg. Same format for all of them. But that isnt how it is.

There are no fences, no cages, no barriers between the animals in my sanctuary. They are able not only to co-exist but also help each other to come into being and mature. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Practice making one animal increases my proficiency with the clay. Just like a violinist improves his technique no matter what he plays. So maybe I need to just start. Start with the clay. When I bought it, where, why. And what happened next.

I’m letting you know, you who are now visiting my website. Aware that knowing better the journey of the art itself will better reveal for you the essence of the art itself.

I use to think craft and art weren't so different. But I'm learning that like oil and vinegar, they are different. Don't mix well together yet can be blended to make some really fine dressings to put on our walls, our shelves.

Art without craft is like thick olive oil weighing the lettuce down. And craft without art is like vinegar so acidic that only a drop or two is possible.

But put oil and vinegar together with spices and whip them
up you get delicious wholeness.

THIS IS ME! So aware of the power of diverse components combined being more than the sum of their distinct parts. This is UNITY IN DIVERSITY!

Posted by Annie Olson on September 13, 2008.