My Dear Sanibel

My Dear Sanibel

50 years ago we met. Me, a young child of 7 and you, an Ancient Island of broken shells. It was love at first sight for me. As if I was newly born and you were the first form I saw as I left the womb. So I naturally imprinted upon you as a cygnet imprints upon the first moving object it sees after breaking forth from its shell.

Physically, my feet have not had the opportunity to spend but a drop of time walking your beach face, but the influence of your presence in my life has been central.

The totem animal of my life is The Snail.

In 1976 I bought my first box of polymer clay. During these 25 years my hands have sculpted many animals, but the life form I delight the most in bringing forth is my Beloved Snail.

You, Sanibel have been like a parent to me; silently nurturing me all these years. The 7 year old child in me hopes you like the shells Ive made for you.

(Text accompanying my exhibit for the 64th Sanibel Shell Show, March 2001)

Posted by Annie Olson on October 25, 2008.