Musings on my jewelry

Human kind has been using seashells to adorn clothing, musical instruments, create jewerly, embellish clay pots and recently are made into all sorts of animals etc. with tiny shells.

When I was finally able to create my shells in a way that looked real in form and color, I was caught off guard; faced with a dilemma I hadn’t planned on. “These tiny shells, they each are like an artwork of sorts for me! People want me to drill holes in them and make jewelry for them. I can’t do that yet!” That’s where my emotions were in January of 2001. In two months I was to exhibit my shells for the first time in the Sanibel/Captiva Shell Fair. Since I’m all about helping us to appreciate the environment, it was easy for me to see the potential of these shells to be used instead of real ones. If I don’t wear one as jewelry, I’ll be limiting their application. These photos of my attempts of escaping the inevitable have helped me to better understand myself and my motives.

Since I had quit collecting live animals for their shell homes, my respect of the shell increases dramatically. And in turn, respect for the art that was coming through me had to be honored also. But, being a practical person, I knew I had to imbede wire into my soft shells so they could used as real collected shells are.

Hence, my shells jewelry.

Posted by Annie Olson on November 21, 2008.