About Annie Olson

                                        Artist Statement

As a child, Nature was my Other Mother and the trees, rocks and animals , my siblings.   From this relationship grew a desire for all beings on this blue-green orb to be at peace.     As I have journeyed through life, this desire has in turn grown.

And now as an elder, the desire is even greater.   Out of this desire , a hope arose that The One Who Creator All Things is benevolent beyond all comprehension; that the paradox of the dark side is not a paradox at all, but a mystery that will someday be answered for all of us.

Forming animals of clay is a profoundly spiritual experience for me.    "Getting a little feel how God must feel."    As I form each animal , a bit of my soul enters that animal and in turn a bit of the animal's soul enters mine.

As a youngster, the only medium at my depots all was modeling clay.   Soft and pliable but unpreservable.   My hands and soul had to wait twenty-five years for the invention of polymer clay which freed my hands to now bring forth, like children, the offspring of my soul.  


                           My relationship with polymer clay

I can still remember the cold winter day in Kent, Washington when I bought my first box of white polymer clay—unaware that years later this very clay would free the artist in me—allowing my beloved Snail and other animals forms to emerge as if by magic.

I established Annies Arc in the summer of 1999 in order to distribute my Art in a public manner—aware that purchased art does two things at the same time:

Provides funds that like a patron support the artist.

In a gentle way, by its own purchase, encourages people to take more seriously the message of the art itself.

I have endeavored to create my website in a form that I hope will be a complement to the art I bring forth with clay and pen. So it is my hope that the website itself will impart peace.



                                   The Faith I call home

I am a Baha'i.   And this is why my spirit is at home as a Baha'i.

I grew up in Holland, Michigan.   A Dutch community situated a few miles from the shores of Lake Michigan.

                              What occupies my time now