Loose shells

Loose shells

Type: Shells

Beachcombing for driftwood and seashells has been a life-long passion. Now that I’m able to make shells of clay, I find myself “beachcombing” at home, a thousand miles from the seashore, when I take my clay and create shells of various sizes, shapes and colors. In creating my animals and shells I end up with bits and pieces of multi-colored clay which I love to use for one of a kind color combinations. This is why I think these “beach bags” of guiltless shells will allow you to also beachcomb with me.

Just like real shells, your guiltless shells will display nicely in a wooden bowl, crystal goblet or straw basket. I use sand, rice, wood shavings, potpourri, seed beads, etc. to accent mine. I also give them away to friends who stop by.

The sizes vary from miniature to large. I go for a balanced blend of shapes and sizes to please the eye and hand. This I think is the best way to appreciate and enjoy my shells. Each grouping, in a way, becomes its own work of art.

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