Beluga Whale

Type: Hatchery

That day at Shedd’s Aquaruim was such a treat. To see all the different forms of sealife. But like everyone else, I was blown away by the Beluga Whales. Nothing can describe what it’s like when they come up to you and through the heavy glass look you in the eye. With their eye.

Having lived in Alaska on the Gulf and fishing commercially for salmon gave me a lot of time to ponder whales.

As with most of my animals, I struggled too with making the whales come alive. I could do them mechancially, but for me they were dead clay. Then one day looking through a book on whales my dad gave me, I had an “aha” moment. “Whales are mammels and all mammels have faces. You need to give your whales faces!” Of course! How dumb of me! The obvious eluded me. So now when I form a Beluga Whale, teasing the face from the pearl white clay is peacefully satisfying.

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