Cowboy hat, boots and saddle

Type: Hatchery

COWBOY BOOTS-I’ve always been a cow girl wannabe. My Dutch heritage and being a Klompen dancer in wooden shoes for Holland’s Tulip Time Festival didn’t suffice. So stylizing cowboy boots of clay lets me be a kid again.

Note: Price is for a pair of boots, after all, who would want only one boot? I can mount them on an appropriate base if you’d like for no additional charge.

COWBOY HAT-I can vividly remember the day and place I made my first cowboy hat. Stuck at the base of the Sears Tower in downtown Chicago late at night with car trouble. Stress is an active creator. Moments of struggle reworked into art that makes me smile. I hope my cowboy hat makes you smile too.

WESTERN SADDLE-When I began to use this clay back in the 70’s, I realized its potential to make a faux leather look. From early childhood the look and feel of leather has drawn me. It’s so easy to tool this clay as you would leather. If you’ve read about my cowboy hats and boots, you’ll know I admit to being a closet cowgirl. I even bought a saddle a few years at a garage sale, and I don’t even own a horse! So of course, making saddles of clay does satisfy.

I’ve decided to list all three of these items together. I think it’s more fun to see photos of them at the same time. As with most of my art, what your seeing is what you’ll be getting.

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