Emperor Penguin Family

Type: Hatchery

Relationships in Nature attract me like a bee to a flower. When I encounter them they nourish me like honey does a bee. One of the most endearing for me is the power of parenting exhibited by the Emperor Penguin of Antarctica. In the dead of the Antarctic winter, mated pairs join thousands of other; the female lays her one lone egg and before it touches the ground and freezes the male takes it and secures their future offspring in his brood pouch. Warm and snug, the developing embryo grows. The mother feeding at sea, not to return until the chick is long hatched; the father near starvation.

It is a very tender experience for me to hatch my penguin family.

P.S. I’ve been making the adult and baby penguin sculpture for a number of years. You can’t imagine how excited I was when I heard about the release in 2005 of the documentary movie March of the Penguins. In our American society invariably mass produced items will be marketed to capitalize on a popular movie. If you’re hoping to find something genuine as a memento for the Emperor Penguin family of Antarctica, this is what I love to do.

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