Type: Hatchery

With all the empty “Guiltless Shells” floating around my studio, it’s only natural that some hermit crabs would take up residence and find them to be an ideal abode. It’s fun for me to take a bit of colored clay and bring to life these creatures I used to capture.

As with many of my sculptures, each hermit crab will have its own distinct personality and look. This is one of the reasons I enjoy the art form I’m doing; being able to have original artwork that I can offer at a modest price. This to me is a win-win situation.

I’ve been surprised by two remarks I’ve heard since I began selling my “Guiltless Shells” in 2001. The misconception that the seashell a hermit crab uses as its home was abandoned by the snail that made it. The assumption is made that the snail also outgrew its shell and went looking for a larger one. The other natural mistake is concluding that the crab made the shell. I realize if I hadn’t been exposed to marine ecology I might have come to the same conclusions.

I’ve tried to keep my environmental concerns muted, realizing that a whispered thought has more power than a shout.

I love to make the elongated spiral shell combining the eyes and claws of a hermit crab to create a whimsical yet wise sculpture inviting you to think as you smile.

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