Instruction Booklet to Make Seashells of Polymer Clay

Instruction Booklet to Make Seashells of Polymer Clay

Two years ago I developed a kit for making hand formed seashells of polymer clay. The complete kit includes this instruction booklet, two sample shells and enough clay – base and colored – to form 8 shells. They’re packaged in an attractive kraft box suitable for gift giving.

In response to numerous requests from polymer clay enthusiasts who have their own clay, I’ve decided to offer for sale my instruction booklet only, which of course is the intellectual heart of the kit. Also included is a supplemental information sheet with tips for jewelry making, the particular clay I use, and a photo sequence of how to make the long spiraled shell. “As if by Magic” is the name I gave to this kit which means it seems like magic but took many thoughtful years to develop.

This is my invitation: if you love polymer clay as I do, have lots of clay you don’t know what to do with it and want to learn something new, you won’t be disappointed.

These kits are sold in many museum stores and art galleries, as well as gift stores.

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