Handmade Magnetic Knife Holder, 18", Wall Mounted, Natural Oak
Handmade Magnetic Knife Holder, 18", Wall Mounted, Natural Oak

Handmade Magnetic Knife Holder, 18", Wall Mounted, Natural Oak

A few months ago we wished to neaten up our kitchen counters and one way was to replace the large cutlery block with a wall mounted magnetic rack. We shopped around and what we found was either too weak to hold our largest knives, too much plastic and chrome, or way too pricey. So we started thinking about how to design and make our own, using those insanely powerful neodymium magnets embedded in a solid oak board.  Tinkering in the workshop resulted in this original design which suits our love of simple elegance, easy to keep clean and is fully functional.

The rack is 18 inches long with embedded magnets to hold 9 knives or other steel items. The magnets are below the surface, so are not visible.  Your valuable knives are thus in contact with the wood only, unlike magnet bars made of steel or with exposed magnets that can dull or mar your blades. The other photo shows the underside with the magnets installed.  Using 2 magnets for each knife ensures that your knives are automatically spaced apart and hang vertically.

The rack is constructed of quality oak. The edges are rounded for appearance, all surfaces are finely sanded and the rack is finished with an application of food safe mineral oil, so no synthetic or oil based material can transfer to your knives and to your food..

And finally, since we're not importers of Asian goods but just folks with a garage, a drill press, a work bench and an idea, we can easily work with you if you'd like a different size or a different color or whatever.  Message me with your needs.

Mounting screws and anchors are included. 

And finally, if you don't use Paypal for your internet purchases and would prefer a paper check, contact me and we'll make it work.  

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