One of the live snails I collected was the common moon shell found throughout the tidal flats of the eastern seaboard. The nautilus shell I have created was inspired by “lunar” animals. The nautilus is a mollusk very different from a snail, but most people identify with this name, so I’ve left it that way. They are satisfying for me to make and collect as I did real shells. You will find them as tactile and beautiful – just like real shells.

In nature the auger shape is also common and I have created the spiral shell to capture that essence. It allows me to use the clay to express what is called “The Divine Proportion”. As the tiny snail grows its shell home using this mathematical expression, the size of each whorl increases proportionally. When I make my shells, I do the same thing. This is why they appear to be real.

The color variations of my shells are as varied as they are in nature, so it’s wonderful for me to educate the public that most shells are multihued before the sun bleaches them to bone white.

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