Snail Grouping - 4

Snail Grouping - 4

Type: Hatchery

The scientific name for a snail is “gastropod”, a large class of the mollusk phylum which includes clams, scallops, octopi and squid. “Gastropod” is Latin for this animal that walks on its stomach. Weird, eh!

As if that’s not weird enough, my totem animal is the snail. I’m really very shy, and can identify and appreciate this animal which is able to withdraw its whole body into its shell home. The mantle of the snail forms its shell abode of calcium carbonate. As the soft body grows larger, so does the shell.

In a holistic sense I enjoy creating the hard shell and simulating the soft flesh that created that very shell to make one form. Your snail will come with a base, but I am also able to make it free standing as the snail would be in nature.

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